Game Console Repairs

We assure that you’ll be back hacking and slashing with your gaming console.

Quality Assurance

All Our technicians have technical expertise on diagnosing problems and fixing the game consoles. We understand that it can be very hard living without playing your favorite RPG game so we strive to work within short turnaround times.

Power Issues

Unresponsiveness/Freezing Problems

Faulty Disc Drive

Damaged Hard Drives

Sound/Audio Problems

Damaged or Broken Parts

Display Issues

Damaged motherboards / Circuit Boards

More Information

Please remove any external media such as USB devices, Discs and other accessories when submitting your device for repair or unlock. Please give us a ring on 0800 OMNITECH so that we can advise you what items we’ll be needing to inspect your device.

You can choose to drop your device off in our kiosk or send it via courier. More information about the different drop off points can be found from the Contact section of our website.

We specialise in out of warranty repairs for gaming devices. We believe that all devices deserve a second chance.

We are authorized repairers for several leading insurance companies here in New Zealand. We can write detailed inspection reports and invoices to your insurance company to help with the processing of your claims.

For Gaming consoles, the inspection fee is $50. The inspection fee will go towards the costs for repair if the device is repairable. The customer will be liable to pay for the inspection fee even if the device is unrepairable or the customer wishes to cancel the job. This is because we spend a fair amount of time when inspecting your device.

Omni Tech Limited will provide 1 year warranty on all specific repair done. If the same fault repeats three times after being repair, we will give you a full refund but the inspection fee is NOT REFUNDABLE under any cirumstances as actual inspection had been conducted.

Please be aware that part of the test and repair procedure for mobile phone may require upgrading the unit’s software and/or the replacement of components that store data, settings and other content or contact information. Whether to upgrade any software or replace any component in the test and repair process is extremely at the discretion of Omni Tech Ltd unless specifically instructed otherwise in writing by the customer.

It is strongly recommended you backup all data before sending in any equipment for service.

Any instruction NOT to delete data must be in writing on the Service Request Form and signed by the customer.

The term “DATA” means to include but is not limited to: Pictures, Programs, Applications, Documents and Other Files.

The term “Customer” means the person or entity actually submitting equipment for service and repair regardless of ownership of the equipment. It is a condition of the Customer submitting and Omni Tech Ltd receiving any equipment for repair that the Customer understands this warning regarding potential data loss. This warning applies to any person or business submitting equipment for repair. In all cases Omni Tech Ltd assumes the Customer is authorised to submit such equipment for reapir and the Customer accepts responsibility under this notice.

Omni Tech Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any such of data loss should it occur during the test and repair procedure, nor for any consequential personal or business loss including goodwill or wasted expenditure or any indirect or consequential loss.

If you are unsure of the meaning of this notice please discuss it with our staff BEFORE you hand over equipment for service.